Notice of withdrawal

      Revocation instruction  

7.1  Subject to section 7.5, the Purchaser may revoke his contractual statement in text form (e.g.
letter, fax, e-mail) within two weeks without giving reasons or by sending back the goods. The
period shall begin no sooner than (on the day) after receipt of the goods and this instruction in
text form. To observe the time limit, posting of the revocation or the goods in due time shall be
sufficient. The revocation shall be sent to:

 BG Publishing & Merchandising GbR 
P. O. Box 21 04
47922 Grefrath



7.2  In the event of a valid revocation, both parties shall return received goods and services and hand 
      over any derived benefit (e.g. interest). 

7.3  If the Purchaser is unable to return the received goods/services in full or in part or can only return
them in a deteriorated condition, he shall provide BG with value compensation. In case of surrender
of the goods, this does not apply if such deterioration results exclusively from inspection and
testing of the goods as would have been possible in the retail shop. Apart from that, the Purchaser
can only avoid his obligation to compensate if he does not treat the goods as being fully owned and
refrains from doing anything that adversely affects their value. The provisions of this paragraph do
not apply if the goods delivered do not comply with the goods ordered or are defective.

7.4  Goods capable of parcel delivery must be sent back to BG at BG’s risk. Regular return
       consignment costs shall be borne by the Purchaser unless
the goods delivered do not comply
       with the goods ordered or are defective. As far as the order value exceeds EUR 40.00 and the
       Purchaser is a Consumer, BG shall reimburse the cost of return consignment to the Purchaser.
       Goods not capable of parcel delivery shall be collected from the Purchaser at his request.
       Reimbursement of payments 
shall take place within 30 days. For the Purchaser, the time limit
       begins upon posting of his revocation. For BG, the time limit begins upon receipt of the


 7.5 There is ni right of revocation in case of contracts with Purchasers who are not Consumers.
      Furthermore, the right of revocation shall not apply in case of contracts regarding the delivery
      of audio or video recordings (e.g. CDs, video tapes, DVDs) or software unsealed by the Purchaser
      and in case of services (e.g. software to download) transmitted online. Furthermore, there is no
      right of revocation with respect to goods manufactured according to customer’s specification or
      unequivocally tailored to personal needs or to goods whose nature makes them unsuitable for
      return (e.g. sealed goods following removal of the seal).
Apart from that, § 312b section 3 and
      § 312d section 4 BGB (German Civil Code) are applicable.

7.6  In the event that revocation is ruled out, the Purchaser shall bear the cost of renewed shipment
of goods that he has returned to BG. The same applies if the Purchaser returns the goods
to BG following expiration of the revocation deadline or the return consignment deadline for goods
pursuant to section 7.1.

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